Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

munir khan

THe great scientist munir khan. is a scientist who invented a medicine that cures almost all incurable diseases including cancer, diabetes, arthritis etc. although many people call him a fraud and doubt his medicine it is also true that many people have actually benifited from him. the truth is that for many cancer people already there is less chances for survival ...taking this medicine is no harm because of absolutley no side effects so there is no harm giving this medicine a try. the foollowing was a artice in a newspaper.

Cancer is a very dangerous and deadly disease which will cause to death. Curing of cancer is very difficult as no proper medicine is found for cancer. But scientist Dr. Munir Khan of Mumbai, India has discovered a new hope and cure for all non-curable disease like cancer, Brain Tumor, Thyroid, Heart Blockages etc. only by one single medicine called Body Revive. This is an herbal preparation.

Body Revival actually dissolves the cancer cells and flushes them out of the body through urine, stools & vomit. Not only that it gives strength to the healthy cells too.

Dr. Munir Khan had cured more than 12000 patients using this medicine. Body Revive is giving a new light and hope to lead a good life. So many cancer patients are saved from death through this medicine. It cures 100% cancer and all non-curable diseases and there is no mark of these diseases in patients after using this medicine. This medicine is a result of 3 decades vigorous hardwork of Scientist Dr. Munir Khan. This medicine doesn?t have any side effects.